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CrossWing™ operates a dedicated R&D lab developing innovative intellectual property enabling mass market Interactive Personal Robotics ("IPR") systems in fields including telepresence, security and health monitoring.


Our core hardware R&D is complete, and CrossWing is now uniquely positioned to commercialize its IPR products.  We are seeking Partners who will engage with us to quickly lead emerging robotics markets synergistic with such Partners' segments while leveraging our expertise in remote mobile robotics, control systems, and cloud services to deliver enhanced social interactions and communication.


Empowering family, friends, shoppers, travelers, doctors, clinicians, security and office staff to reach out to others by coupling leading media devices with semi-autonomous motion systems, CrossWing’s patented virtualME™ IPR platform is the foundation for a rich new ecosystem of smart applications spanning virtual presence and digital living.



Motivation & Background


We believe that Interactive Personal Robotics (IPR) will rapidly become as pervasive as common appliances and smart computing platforms are today.  Since our founding in 2006, we have thus focused R&D in areas leading to high-volume manufacturing of IPR platforms at affordable prices.  To meet the challenge of delivering low cost, yet real-world functionality in fields spanning from health care to personal security, CrossWing innovations employ new approaches to traditional robotics methods.  Breakthrough designs at every key sub-system are necessary for success and we actively leverage university talent pools in areas including man-machine interface design, mechatronics, computer vision, and autonomous systems encompassing artificial intelligence, task planning, object identification and manipulation, and simultaneous localization and mapping.  We have collaborative projects underway at leading academic institutions including:  The University of Toronto, The University of Ontario Institute of Technology, The University of Waterloo, The University of Western Ontario, and York University.


Stephen Sutherland, CrossWing’s President & CEO, also serves on the National Sciences and Engineering Council of Canada’s Canadian Field Robotics Network Steering and Scientific Review Committee.  CrossWing was an early participant in the formation of this initiative along with McGill, York, Toronto and other Universities and industrial partners across Canada.  CrossWing is also a key sponsor of the York University Mars Rover team.


virtualME has been honoured as an invited participant at events including the Conference Board of Canada's Sustainable Health and Healthcare Summit, The Canadian National Exhibition, Innovation Nation, MedEdge, and OCE Discovery conferences.  In January 2013, a near market-ready version of the virtualME platform was entered in both AT&T sponsored, and Consumer Electronics Association sponsored, developer events in more recently, in the fall of 2013, in the Sprint event at MobileCON.  CrossWing won 1st place for the Best Blackberry 10 Application at AT&T’s Summit where virtualME was controlled through a prototype Blackberry smartphone.  At the CEA/Travel Channel event, virtualME carrying a 10-inch Android tablet finished 2nd place for the Best Sony Application.  Here, the user sits comfortably in front of their smartTV connected to the remote virtualME and controls its motion via the Sony Smart Watch.  At the Sprint Hackathon, virtualME won 1st place for best Adobe PhoneGAP application by integrating CrossWing's API support through Adobe's platform.


CrossWing’s founders’ extensive past experience, both in leading industry consortia (including IIP, the Internet Imaging Protocol and CPXe, the Common Picture Exchange) and in deep strategic partnering launching new markets with global consumer electronics enterprises (including Best Buy, Hewlett-Packard, IBM and Microsoft), facilitates CrossWing’s plan to successfully launch the virtualME IPR platform and application ecosystem.  By producing virtualME cost-effectively and thus enabling attractive price points globally, broad adoption of virtualME will ensure the growth of a rich IPR application base.



Our Mission


CrossWing is on a mission to revolutionize immersive communication experiences and assistive care by delivering outstanding interactive service robots which affordably enhance our customers’ safety, security, and joy of living.


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