virtualME™ at Recent Events



The Canadian National Exhibition – History of the Future Special Event

Invited CrossWing to exhibit virtualME daily & also speak at this special CNE event August/September 2013


York Region Health Innovations Summit – MedEdge

Invited and exhibited virtualME June 2012;  Invited and exhibited again June 2013


Ontario Centres of Excellence Conference and Exhibition – Discovery

Invited and exhibited virtualME May 2012;  Invited and exhibited again May 2013


York Region – Digital Manufacturing Summit

Invited and participated as a speaker “Personal Service Robotics” April 2013

Invited and exhibited virtualME at the event


AT&T Developer Hackathon & Summit – Las Vegas

virtualME finished 1st place, Best Blackberry 10 Application – January 2013


virtualME was demonstrated to AT&T’s management and top developers at this huge mobile developer event in Las Vegas through the coding of an application for the new Blackberry 10 OS illustrating cellphone control of a virtualME located anywhere on the cloud.  1st place was awarded for this application of virtualME.


Consumer Electronics Association – MoDev Hackathon – Sponsored by Travel Channel, Las Vegas

virtualME finished 2nd place, Best Sony Smartwatch Application – January 2013


During the CES Hackathon, code was developed to tie virtualME’s motion to the soft-button interface of the Sony smartwatch.  A user virtually visiting, via virtualME, a remote location can have the experience delivered through a television while controlling the robot from a simple touch of the wrist.  2nd place was awarded for the application which was hindered by a lack of time to fully complete all the motion GUI elements on the face of the Sony smartwatch.


Innovation Nation Conference and Robotics Competition

(The Centre for Surgical Invention and Innovation – CSii)

Invited and exhibited virtualME at this medical innovations conference July 2012


Innovation, Technology & Design Lab – Baycrest Health Sciences

CrossWing was honored to exhibit virtualME at the Baycrest ITD Lab’s special inaugural event February 2012

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