Centurion is here to change the advertising and hospitality industry forever by enriching the user experience and tailoring the delivery of content to the individual rather than the masses! Centurion can present advertisements while capturing valuable data such as demographic information and body language responses to adverts; provide rich video and interactive content; and even be used as a mobile kiosk.

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Centurion as an
information hub

Centurion can be used as a data and information hub to collect details on its interactions, with meaningful insights including: demographics; traffic density; body language in response to specific ads or information displayed; along with various environmental data such as humidity, air quality, weather, and temperature.

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Centurion as a
mobile kiosk

With large displays and the optional tablet — Centurion can be configured to sign up and register users, fill out forms, renew government ID such as driver’s license and health cards, and much more.

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Centurion as a
smart advertising platform

With cutting edge AI and machine learning, Centurion’s large HD displays and high definition cameras can be used to display advertising and adapt the content on the fly to show advertising relevant to specific demographics, and collect data such as body language and facial expressions as those ads are being displayed!

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