Has been designed to be only as limited as the human imagination.

Introducing the first holonomic (omnidirectional) security robot of its kind. With a wide variety of applications and flexible design elements, Bishop™ brings to the table what others only dream of.


Bishop™ as a deterrent

Uniquely positioned as both an indoor and outdoor patrol robot, Bishop™ can provide real-time threat detection and analysis – while responding autonomously via pre-defined protocols or through remote operation by a designated person.

Emergency Services

Bishop™ as a first responder

The ability to communicate with emergency services such as police, fire, and paramedics; while providing real time data such as threat analysis, air quality, or environmental risks and dangers, is an invaluable set of features that will become the difference between life and death.


Bishop™ brought to life by imagination

If you can imagine it Bishop™ can become it. With nearly limitless feature add on such as hazardous materials analysis, hidden payloads, and active defense, Bishop™ can become the all-in-one Security Robot serving your needs. If you require more unique applications such as Fire Extinguishing and Medical Assistance – Bishop™ can be redesigned to suit those needs thanks to our patented modular design!